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自分で作る単語帳 WordHolic!

WordHolic | DIY Flash Cards!

Memorize for Languages & Exams
Create Cards Instantly from Safari, etc. (iPhone / iPad)

You can use a long tap on a text in other apps like Safari, select the Share menu and create a new card instantly!\n\nWhen you read news, blogs or articles, take advantage of it:)

(1) In using Safari, etc., select a text you want to add to a card front side by long tap.
(2) Select the Share from the long tap menu.
(3) Select the WordHolic button - Add a Card to WordHolic - from the share menu.
 (If you don't see the WordHolic button, select the More to open an activity list and set the WordHolic button ON.)
(4) You'll see the simple card creation menu, so edit the front side, enter the back side and select a folder to save the new card to. Then tap the Save button so that the new card is created in the folder instantly:)

If you have any further questions or requests, please feel free to contact us from [Menu] > [Feedback & Request] in the app.

Enjoy WordHolic!

Copyright 2018 Langholic Ltd.

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