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I created a card data file in PC and import it in the app. But I cannot play voice readings on the cards that are imported. How can I have voice readings on these cards?


When you create a csv file to import in the app, enter language codes to your data as follws.

[How to set voice reading languages to csv files]

Download a template file from the app at [Menu] > [Create Card Data on PC] > [Download a card data template file] first. You see the template file has 5 columns and the last two columns are [FrontTextLanguage] and [BackTextLanguage]. These two columns are for voice reading languages on the front side and the back side, so enter a language code for each if you need. Refer to the language code list in the template file. (For example, a language code for US English is [en-US] and that for Japanese is [ja-JP].)

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