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WordHolic | DIY Flash Cards!

Memorize for Languages & Exams
How to Use the Continuous Reviews (For Forgetting Curve)

(You can change the review cycle schedule and the memorize criteria as you like.)

Review Cycle

After you memorized cards, reviewing them based on the review cycle helps you remember them well.

Register your review cycle schedule for the app to manage the right timing to review cards for you. The app gives you the review notifications and show the list of cards you should review within the day, so you don't have to spend time to manage which card to review anymore!

[How to Set Up]

Set up at  [Menu] > [Continuous Reviews] > [Review Cycles]

Memorize Criteria

Have you ever though memorizing once is not enough and you want to check several times to make sure you memorize completely?

Register the memorize criteria in the app. So that you can see quickly which cards you should check more. The app provides the filter function by the memorize count which helps you to focus what you need to review!

[How to Set Up]

Set up at [Menu] > [Continuous Reviews] > [Memorize Settings]

If you have any further questions or requests, please feel free to contact us from [Menu] > [Feedback & Request] in the app.

Enjoy WordHolic!

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